Clear ROI, market recognition, cultural integration in the destination, economic and social development of the local community, landscape protection, economic savings, local suppliers, improving the working environment, customer satisfaction, local cuisine, more sale channels...

Sustainable Tourism is the only way to long-term development, and tourists the demand and value. Be part of the future.

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More than 20 years of experience helping the tourism industry and destinations to be more efficient


More than 30 million tourists per year visit hotels and destinations distinguished with the Biosphere certification

Global reach

With a wide presence and support of international organizations, Biosphere is the guarantee of authenticity most recognized worldwide

We have developed an intuitive and complete online audits, which will explain the interpretation of the requirement and allow you to send evidence of compliance with each requirement with a single click.


  Use of the Biosphere Responsible Tourism mark, the only label awarded by the Responsible Tourism Institute, an organization linked to UNESCO, member of theUNWTOand precursor of the World Charter for Sustainable Tourism.

  Periodic sending of the list of certified entities to tour operators and booking pages: Periodically (on average every 2 months) Biosphere Responsible Tourism sends a list with the certified entities in the required information (contact, web, geographical position, status of the certificate ...) to a series of booking sites, tour operators and other media that help increasing bookings and positioning in the market. (See tour operators we work with)

  Website Profile: logo, photographs, videos, description, location in google maps, what being certified means to you, etc.

  Vector and universal logo formats: Once certified, you can download our logos that guarantee your certification, so that you can put them on the website of your organization, promotional materials and merchandising, digital signatures, business cards, etc.

  Accrediting plate format: You will be provided model and measures so you can generate an accrediting plate to be shown at the entrance of your entity.

  Online and on-site audits (auditor and travel expenses included in the annual fee)

  Promoting the entity through social networks and newsletter: Biosphere Responsible Tourism has a large database of newsletter recipients, where its certified entities and the news they generate will appear periodically, in addition to communication channels and social networks which will improve the positioning of the entity in the market.

  Exclusive access to additional services (Carbon Footprint, ROI, etc.) at discount prices: With the access to the management system, you can expand the services that Biosphere Responsible Tourism offers you through services of customized consulting performed by top professionals at competitive prices, which will help you improve your positioning in the market, save costs and lead the path of sustainable tourism.

  Access to the management software: Your entity will be granted different profiles with different levels of access (audit questions, payments, etc.) to advance the positioning of the entity in the market of sustainable tourism.


Are you an apartment or any other forms of tourism entity that is not included here? Contact us through and we will give you personal advice.