Biosphere Aquariums and Zoos Certification

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What is the Biosphere Theme Parks Certification?

Biosphere for theme parks is a certification of tourism sustainability, designed so that entities that offer spaces or venues with various attractions and entertainment shows improve their performance and reduce the negative impacts of the development of their activity, ensuring an adequate balance between economic, socio-cultural and environmental dimensions. This category includes educational or family theme parks, as well as amusement parks, regional parks or others. 

The certification guarantees the fulfillment of requirements based on the principles of sustainability and continuous improvement, ensuring that certified Theme Parks carry out new non-aggressive tourism models, satisfying the current needs of their customers and users without compromising future generations. The Biosphere Theme Parks report significant benefits for themselves, the society and the environment.

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Improve positioning

Consumers increasingly demand new non-aggressive tourism models. Position yourself as a sustainable entity and communicate your commitment, with the Biosphere seal.

Reduce carbon footprint

As a Biosphere Member, you will receive tools and support to manage and reduce the environmental impact of your entity, improving its quality and image, reducing costs and contributing to the preservation of the environment.

Increase the profitability of experiences

Receive proposals and recommendations to design and provide sustainable Theme Parks that generate positive experiences for both visitors and the host population, minimizing negative environmental and social impacts, reducing costs and increasing economic profitability in the medium and long term.

Discover the Biosphere Community

Entities that offer sustainable experiences from around the world with the Biosphere certification, united to share experiences, good practices and resources.

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Loro Parque

The hallmark of Loro Parque is the quality of its infrastructure, as well as the seriousness and the environmental commitment that has developed every space and detail of the park.

Siam Park

The Siam Park strongly supports renewable energies and in order to contribute to the development of a sustainable tourism in Tenerife utilizes its own photovoltaic power plant in the south of Tenerife.

Senda Viva

Senda Viva works actively to defend and conserve global biodiversity, encouraging the reuse, recycling and management of waste and to reduce the consumption of natural resources that are critical to our environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my entity is ready to be certified?

The goal of the Biosphere certification is to spread sustainability to the highest number of companies, destinations, and tourists around the world. If you think you are not ready to obtain the certification, at Biosphere, you will find all the documentary support and help to know what you must do to be more sustainable.

How is the Biosphere Audit done?

Within a maximum period of 10 days, an independent auditor of the Responsible Tourism Institute will perform an audit based on the evidence provided by the entity. The audit report may indicate issues to be improved or fixed. Once this report is made and validated by the RTI's Technical Committee, the RTI issues the entity's certificate.

How is the certification developed?

RTI provides the Biosphere community with an online certification system, with which it offers continuous assistance, tools, and the necessary support to guide any Camping in achieving the objectives set.

How do I renew my certification?

Once the entity has obtained the certification, it will have to renew it on the same date of the following year. The renewal process consists of providing the results of the Action Plan developed by the entity in the previous year, as well as updating the out-of-date or incomplete evidence and paying the annual fee.

What requirements must one meet to be certified?

The corresponding Biosphere Standard gathers the requirements an entity must meet to obtain the certification. This standard includes mandatory and voluntary requirements. The entity must comply with the first ones and interpret the second ones as continuous improvement objectives that should be achieved to become more sustainable.

How does an entity get certified?

To obtain the certificate; the entity must answer the requirements, through the 100% online certification system, by attaching evidence of compliance, as well as creating the minimum number of continuous improvement actions required.

Will I always pay the same fee?

Yes. The entity will pay the same fee every year based on its characteristics. In any case, through the management software, you can hire additional services (more precise analytics, training courses, etc.) at a competitive price, which will help you to improve your position in the tourism sustainability market.