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What is the Biosphere Interpretation Center Certification?

Biosphere Sustainable for Interpretation Centres is a sustainability certification designed for entities that provide a space for the exhibition of places or objects as a means of educational entertainment. It develops: research, conservation, dissemination and enhancement of the objects or places on display, making known certain cultural, historical and natural values, using heritage interpretation as a means of communication.

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Walk towards continuous improvement

Visualise activities specifically designed for the typology of Museums that help you align your management with the 2030 Agenda and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, identifying opportunities to improve your good practices.

Improve positioning

Showcase your sustainable recognition. Appear as a Biosphere Certified entity in search engines and position yourself worldwide in this market. Download personalised digital material for your organisation that will allow you to communicate in real time your level of sustainability with your clients, collaborators and stakeholders. With each award you will receive presence on the website and other communication and promotion channels of Biosphere and its destinations, a plaque, a QR code and a Widget that you can incorporate into your website and your own communication channels.

Establish a sustainable culture

Involve your employees, visitors, collaborators and stakeholders in the efforts and good practices of your activity. Create more sustainable experiences.

Discover the Biosphere Community

Museums that offer sustainable experiences from around the world with the Biosphere certification, united to share experiences, good practices and resources.

Biosphere  Museums Community 

Colònia Güell

Palau Moja

Integrates the different resources and attractions of the territory – monuments, historical accounts, characters, crafts, food, natural areas, among many others – to transmit the power and uniqueness of Catalonia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Biosphere Sustainable certification process aimed at?

The Biosphere Sustainable Platform is aimed at any company that interacts, directly or indirectly, with the tourism industry. In order to offer a comprehensive and personalised service, our system recognises more than 24 different types of companies, adapting the plans according to the specific characteristics of each one of them. This ensures that you can find the most suitable profile for your entity.

What is the audit process?

Si logras alcanzar un nivel óptimo de esfuerzos sostenibles evidenciados, que acrediten que estás trabajando por la sostenibilidad de manera integral, podrás optar a solicitar el proceso de auditoría. Una vez solicitado, en el transcurso de 7 a 15 días un auditor externo comprobará las evidencias subidas, determinará su validez y otorgará la certificación. Esta distinción reconocerá que los esfuerzos sostenibles que realiza la entidad y que han sido evidenciados están verificados por un proceso de certificación, garantizando así públicamente que la entidad se encuentra en un proceso de trabajo constante por la mejora continua y el desarrollo sostenible de su actividad.

How does the Biosphere Sustainable certification process work?

Instead of completing a static questionnaire, this innovative methodology provides the opportunity to develop customised Sustainability Plans through the selection of hundreds of sustainable activities and actions, linked to the 169 goals of the 2030 Agenda. You can even add new sustainable activities, which are tailored to your entity. This makes it a global and universal tool, designed to promote sustainability around the world. In addition, it can be done 100% online.

How do I renew my certification?

By maintaining the validity of your annual subscription, the renewal will be done automatically on an annual basis. After the first audit, which must be requested, subsequent renewals will enter a process of random audits where, without prior notice or request to be audited, an external auditor will check the validity of the evidence and the validity of the new evidence reported on the platform. In this way, if the random audit is not passed satisfactorily, the non-conformities must be corrected in order to maintain the validity of the certification.

What requirements must one meet to be certified?

The corresponding Biosphere Standard gathers the requirements an entity must meet to obtain the certification. This standard includes mandatory and voluntary requirements. The entity must comply with the first ones and interpret the second ones as continuous improvement objectives that should be achieved to become more sustainable.

How do I become certified?

By joining Biosphere Sustainable and starting to work on your sustainability plan you will earn your Committed badge, which will recognise your commitment to this first step towards sustainability. As you work on your Biosphere plan, assigning activities and evidencing them, you will progress towards being audited and earning your Certified badge. Try working at least a little on each SDG and make big strides on your progress bar.

What does the annual subscription to Biosphere Sustainable include?

El pago anual por la subscripción a la plataforma incluye el acceso total a las funcionalidades y servicios de la plataforma, incluidos el proceso de auditoría y de certificación. La suscripción anual te permitirá acceder en cualquier momento a tutoriales explicativos y a visualizar el catálogo de actividades y acciones para asignarlas a tu plan Biosphere. Además, si logras tus distinciones Committed y Certified, podrás descargar diferentes materiales de comunicación y difusión para que compartas en tiempo real tus esfuerzos y logros sostenibles con tus clientes, colaboradores y demás stakeholders.

A way of creating a responsible and friendly tourism with our environment. The opportunity to open new markets with companies that are also responsible towards everything that surrounds us.

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