BIOSPHERE, recognized by the GSTC

BIOSPHERE Certification Responsible Tourism Responsible Tourism Institute, the first to be recognized by the GSTC

Certification Biosphere Hotel becomes one of the first globally recognized certifications from the 30 standards presented in recognition of his first call GSTC. For the above recognition, the standard Biosphere Hotel underwent a rigorous examination and subjected to strict authorization procedure, after which its requirements are considered in line with the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria.

The Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria, are the minimum requirements that all tourism businesses, worldwide, must meet to follow a sustainable approach. With the recognition of these standards by the GSTC, marks an important milestone in the development of travel and sustainable tourism products.

The GSTC recognized standards are the cornerstone and the first step of a 3 stage process. In the first stage, it is recognized that a standard written statement can be verified, is compatible with GSTC criteria. The second phase, consisting of an assessment of the certification process to ensure transparency, impartiality and development by people with expertise. In the second phase, approval phase, establishing a certification program that uses a standard recognized by the GSTC. The third and final stage is fully accredited (accredited by GSTC), whose implementation will start in December 2014. More