Today, the new project of the Responsible Tourism Institute comes to light: Biosphere Experience, an online platform in which sustainable companies can market their experiences so that responsible tourists can buy them.

The negative impact of tourism on the environment makes it a necessity to change the tourism model towards a more sustainable one. The economic, social and environmental pillars must be balanced to ensure the long-term sustainable development, proper functioning and survival of the tourism industry.

Faced with this scenario, a new tourist profile emerges. This new tourist is increasingly aware of and committed to protecting the planet and demands sustainable products and experiences, since he/she is concerned about not having a negative impact on the destinations they visit. Biosphere Experience is born in order to meet this new demand on the part of a conscious tourist profile.

Biosphere Experience is an online platform created for responsible entities or providers to offer sustainable experiences to tourists who are aware of sustainability and the development of responsible tourism.The development of an online sales portal where sustainable companies create and offer Biosphere Experiences is key to meet this growing demand for a new type of tourism and, therefore, tourist who has a higher level of environmental and cultural awareness and who seeks to enjoy authentic experiences; and that, as a result of the generalization of new technologies and social networks, is more demanding and has more influence and stronger opinions on the products they consume.  

It is precisely the focus on sustainability that differentiates Biosphere Experience from other online for the sale of experiences and tourist accommodation. Both the provider of experience and the tourist who enjoys it, commit themselves to putting value and improving in the five specific areas of sustainability, which refer to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals: Fight against climate change, protection of the environment, social, economy and culture. The providers show the reason for the sustainability of their experiences, while tourists value them based on these 5 areas of sustainability, improving the positioning of those experiences that best suit the fulfillment of the protection of ecosystems, peace and cultural exchange, the reduction of inequalities and the fight against climate change.

Biosphere Experience, thus, seeks to close the circle of sustainability, in which sustainable companies create Biosphere Experiences in destinations, which are promoted by different means and networks, and finally consumed and valued by tourists.

The advantages of Biosphere Experience:

In Biosphere Experience there are advantages for both providers and tourists.

Responsible tourists who come to our platform know that there is a firm commitment to sustainability on the part of the providers of experiences, and that, therefore, they will live authentic experiences, respecting the environment, the community and the local economy. In addition, they can find the experiences that best suit them, value them and position them for other responsible travelers.

As a provider, you will not only be part of a community oriented towards sustainability and the development of a sustainable tourism model, but you will also create a product focused on new consumer trends. In addition, you will achieve greater visibility, differentiation and better positioning against competitors. It is precisely the focus on sustainability that allows this differentiation. All of this can be seen positively reflected in an increase in sales.

How Biosphere Experience works:

Biosphere Experience works as an intermediary entity between the supplier and the client. Therefore, the provider is responsible and in charge of carrying out the experiences published on the platform.

The provider will decide and publish all the terms of his experience, including the cancellation terms and the price of the same. However, Biosphere Experience, as an intermediary entity will keep a percentage of the base price of the experience as a commission.

Be part of Biosphere Experience:

Being part of Biosphere Experience is very simple and totally free. All you have to do is enter www.biosphereexperience.com and register, either as a provider that offers experiences, or as a customer that buys them.

Once the registration has been completed, the providers will be able to upload their experiences to the platform and tourists will be able to buy them, enjoy them and, later, value them.

Would you like to be part of a growing community whose goal is to protect the planet? Join the Biosphere community!