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Carbon Footprint Measurement and Offset

Monitor and control emissions instantly

Biosphere offers you all the necessary tools and assistance for calculating the carbon footprint of your entity, event, product or activity. Also, through our offset method you can avoid the emission of a quantity of CO2 equivalent to that generated by a project of energy saving and efficiency, substitution of fossil fuels for renewable energy, waste treatment or avoided deforestation.

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Advantages of the Carbon Footprint Measurement and Offset service


The entities that measure and offset their carbon footprint improve their image and position their products and services as sustainable. Our reports allow the data to be periodically disseminated and made known as an exercise in transparency.

Increase in profitability

This service not only provides information for the optimization of resource consumption and the reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases, but it also provides key information on the points with the greatest potential for reducing emissions and consumption of resources, which translates into a reduction in costs and an increase in profitability.


The legislation is progressing faster and faster looking for carbon neutral solutions. By calculating and offsetting the Carbon Footprint, your entity will be anticipating future legislation. The increase in environmental regulation creates an incentive for companies to plan strategies for future laws.

Why measure and offset your Carbon Footprint?

Consumers value companies responsible towards the environment more than ever. The Carbon Footprint measurement allows to know the status of real carbon emissions and implement strategies to reduce it. Through offsetting, the company avoids the issuance of an amount equivalent to the measure. The measurement and offset of the Carbon Footprint are the first step to improve the competitive situation of the company, improving its image and added value. A simple first step to carry out but with great benefits by significantly improving the social image and corporate reputation.

We have the help of Plan21 to carry it out

Plan21 is an NGO for Development based in Argentina that aims to spread the paradigm of Sustainable Human Development. It has one of the oldest Sustainable Tourism Programs in Latin America and the Carbonocero Program, one of the pioneers in carbon footprint calculation in the region.

For years he has been working on the design and implementation of solutions for destinations and for the tourism industry, participating in international cooperation projects, developing his own tools and being part of international processes such as the co-foundation of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.

In relation to Climate Change, since 2007, it has been providing tools for the calculation of the carbon footprint, including compensation projects in Latin America and online calculators.

Since 2014, thanks to the support of IBM from Argentina, free mobile apps have been developed to calculate the carbon footprint of air travel.

Logo Plan 21 / Carboncero

These apps are prepared to support the efforts of companies and responsible individuals, and are available to Biosphere companies and destinations for their customers and visitors.

Tool for calculating and compensating the Carbon Footprint on air travel developed by IBM Volunteers of Argentina for the World.

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