Biosphere Methodology

Biosphere Methodology Course

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Price: 299 €
 Duration: 40 Hours
 Modality: ONLINE
Language: Spanish
 Tutored: Yes

You will learn about the fundamental principles of tourism, delving into the milestones and events that have defined sustainability in the sector. You will study the nature and methodology used in the Biosphere certification and adhesion, knowing the agents and the phases involved in the process, with success stories from other entities and companies that have implemented responsible, integrative and transversal management models in their organization.

 After successfully completing the course, you will be accredited to be part of the list of official consultants of the Biosphere Certification for the Tourism Industry and the Adhesion to the Commitment of a Biosphere Destination.

Through the 'Biosphere Methodology' course, students are expected to acquire the competences and knowledge necessary to implant the Biosphere methodology in its different variants (certification and adhesion), in companies in the tourism sector.

Module 1: What is sustainable development

Global analysis of the concept of responsibility and sustainability, and its history to this day.

Module 2: What is sustainable tourism

Explanation of what sustainable tourism consists of

Module 3: What is Biosphere

So Biosphere is the translation of the 17 SDGs to tourism?

Module 4: Application examples

Some real examples of entities that can help achieve the goals of the 17 SDGs through tourism 

Module 5: Biosphere Circle

How the integrated tourism management and positioning system has been developed within the framework of the 17 SDGs.

Module 6: Process of adhesion to the commitment of the destination

The destination has a key role to help manage, promote and take the first steps in the sustainability of their companies and services.

Module 7: Biosphere as a Certification

But then is Biosphere like a traditional certification?

Module 8: Final Evaluation

Will I get a certificate at the end of the course?

Yes. After passing the course, each student obtains a certificate that accredits them as official consultant of the Biosphere Certification and of the Adhesion to the Sustainable Commitment of a Biosphere Destination.

Who is the course for?

The course is aimed at anyone who wants to know the application of sustainability to tourism and how Biosphere contributes to its dissemination and promotion in the sector, both in their own company, in their destination or to assess other companies.

How much time do I have to finish the course?

Once the registration is completed correctly, the student will have 6 months to complete the course.

Will I be able to implant the Biosphere certification and Adhesion in tourism companies?

Yes. The certificate obtained by completing the course enables you to implant the Biosphere certification and membership in any of our 18 types of tourism companies (hotels, restaurants, events, theme parks ...)

What type of evaluation does the course have?

The course has self-assessment tests for each of the 7 modules, and a final evaluation test of all the content. The self-assessment tests allow to check the progress and the assimilation of contents as the student advances in the course. These do not affect the final grade of the student, although their realization is mandatory.

Will I have a tutor to help me during the course?

Yes. The Biosphere training platform has professionals from the tourism sector who will guide the students, solving any doubts or difficulties they may have. Through the Virtual Campus, students will have a direct communication system with their tutor, favoring a dynamic and continuous exchange between both.

Is it necessary to be a tourist consultant to take the course?

No. Anyone interested in the Biosphere methodology can take the course: students, professors, entrepreneurs, consultants ...

Is the course 100% online?

Yes. The training is done in the Biosphere Virtual Campus. The students will have a user and password that will allow them to view the resources and educational tools associated with the course, access the evaluation tests, and have complementary materials. This campus will be available 24 hours a day, allowing students to manage study times and advance the course at their own pace.

Biosphere Methodology Course

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