Sustainable development

Biosphere methodology course

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Price: 299 €
 Duration: 40 Hours
 Modality: ONLINE
Language: Spanish
 Tutored: Yes

You will be introduced to the key concepts and the Biosphere methodology of continuous improvement, the circle and the relationship with the 17 SDGs. It is necessary to have it to be marked as an implanter in the process of commitment to a destination.

That the person who makes the course knows the Biosphere Methodology of continuous improvement, the circle and how the methodology is born from the 17 SDGs. It focuses mainly on explaining the adherence methodology and the 17 issues of the adherence process.

Module 1: What is sustainable development

Global analysis of the concept of responsibility and sustainability, and its history to this day.

Module 2: What is sustainable tourism

Explanation of what sustainable tourism consists of

Module 3: What is Biosphere

So Biosphere is the translation of the 17 SDGs to tourism?

Module 4: Application examples

Some real examples of entities that can help achieve the goals of the 17 SDGs through tourism 

Module 5: Biosphere Circle

How the integrated tourism management and positioning system has been developed within the framework of the 17 SDGs.

Module 6: Process of adhesion to the commitment of the destination

The destination has a key role to help manage, promote and take the first steps in the sustainability of their companies and services.

Module 7: Biosphere as a Certification

But then is Biosphere like a traditional certification?

Module 8: Final Evaluation

Biosphere methodology course

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