Pack of courses

Full enabling training for the Barcelona Commitment process

600 €
Price: 450 €

Pack 2 trainings in 1: Barcelona Commitment Process Enabling Course + Biosphere Sustainable Lifestyle Methodology Course

From 2022, if you want to have the necessary skills to apply as an external consultant in the Barcelona Destination Business adhesion process, you will need to complete both training courses in a timely manner. With this package, you'll save up to 40% on the full knoledge about our methodology and the Business adhesion process.

Included courses

Biosphere Sustainable Methodology

Biosphere Methodology

Learn about the key concepts of the Biosphere Sustainable methodology for businesses. Get to know all about the path towards continuous improvement and sustainability, aligned with the 2030 Agenda and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Discover the circle of actors involved in the fulfillment of these goals and learn how our platform works. Get trained in the Biosphere Sustainable methodology to learn how to use and operate this methodology and its 100% online tool.

40 Hours tutored

Partial training for the Barcelona Engagement Process

Barcelona Commitment Process

Qualifying course for those who already have their qualification in the "Biosphere Sustainable Lifestyle Methodology" training, to acquire the necessary knowledge for the process of companies joining the Barcelona destination commitment.

40 Hours tutored

Will I have a tutor to help me during the course?

Yes, the Biosphere training platform has professionals from the tourism sector, experts in sustainability, who will guide students through the modules, resolving any doubts or difficulties that may arise. Through the Virtual Campus, the student will have a direct communication system with their tutor, favouring a dynamic and continuous exchange between them.

What happens if I have already taken one of the two courses in this pack?

If the diploma you have for one of these two training courses has expired (> 3 years), you must complete the full training course.

How many accredited diplomas will I get with this training?

By successfully completing this training pack and passing all the modules included in each course, you will receive two diplomas; one for each training. These diplomas will be required by the destination in case you want to apply as an external consultant to act in the process of companies joining the Barcelona Biosphere Commitment.

Use of Biosphere logo, branding and materials

Completion of our courses does not entitle trainees to use Biosphere or RTI material, branding, logos or other associated artwork. Without prior approval and express written permission, you may not create content or incorporate any Biosphere or RTI material into your communications. Students are only authorized to use their diploma after obtaining the qualification of their training.

Full enabling training for the Barcelona Commitment process

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