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Creation and Development of a Tourist Brand

We bring a new identity to the destination through the creation or reconstruction of a tourism brand

This service creates a new identity for the destination through the development or reconstruction of a tourism brand, taking advantage of the characteristic, strategic and unique aspects of the territory. Under these attributes a new communicative scenario is made that allows to transmit the true image and values of the destination.

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Advantages of Creation and Development of a Tourist Brand

Creation of an adequate communicative channel

The Destination brand is your cover letter and the first thing tourists recognize. It allows to link a creative identity to an idea in the imagination of tourists, and communicate ideas through promotional messages, videos and campaigns. When a brand is already known, campaigns can be much more emotional and less explanatory.


Defining an image based on the identity of the Destination contributes to improving its differentiation. A differentiated brand allows you to speak directly to the most relevant audiences. Thus, a greater specification is achieved in marketing efforts generating clearer and better results.

Support from the local community

The methodology carried out by Biosphere for the creation of the brand image, based on the participation of all the agents involved in the tourism sector of the destination, allows to conceive a brand in a participatory way. This makes all the participants feel like it is theirs and they can contribute to promote the brand’s differentiating values.

Why develop a tourist brand for your destination?

Our brand image creation service is based on an exhaustive initial diagnosis, which includes the main elements of the local tourism industry and its particularities, the attractions of the Destination according to the opinion of its inhabitants and their differentiating elements or images. During the process, the virtues of the destination and its tourism assets are explored, opportunities and threats are identified, and the main tangible and intangible elements that make up the collective imagination of the destination inhabitants are collected. Thanks to this approach, the promotional arguments, the global message and the Brand Image that can better increase the competitive position of the Destination in the global environment are created.


  • Selection of key ideas. Differentiating elements of the destination: heritage, culture, identity, festivities, sun and beach, etc.
  • A Decalogue with the arguments of presentation of the destination. This decalogue collects informative and descriptive aspects of the offer, including emotional aspects, and is adapted to the optimal potential demand that the destination can receive with its resources.
  • The global Message of the destination: element of tourist communication. It represents everything that you want to communicate as a destination.
  • Destination Brand Image

Phases of the service Creation and Development of a Tourist Brand

  1. Definition of branding objectives
  2. Identification of tourist assets that enhance the creation of the brand through segmented analysis, SWOT analysis
  3. Destination assessment: tourist profile identification, consumer perception, elements of the destination, experiences and tourist products that are developed.
  4. Participation of interested parties with surveys and consultations (Raising ideas workshops). Search for the brand image as an identity element of the Destination.
  5. Study of competitors.
  6. Preparation of qualitative studies of the assets of the destination.
  7. Development of the brand image.
  8. Delivery of the tourist brand image, design of the basic manual of corporate identity and commercial proposals of the brand

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