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Development of tourist products

A sustainability profitability tool

Tourism products are the basis for the operation of the tourist sector of a destination. It is essential that the marketing of a tourist destination begins with the research and development of the product that it intends to sell. To make the most out of the destination from a profitability and sustainability approach, it is necessary to plan and develop the appropriate tourism products.

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Advantages of the Development of Tourist Products

Competitiveness and diversification

The traditional tourist offer begins to show signs of saturation and progressive worsening of conventional destinations and products. The Development of Tourist Products allows to consolidate the manifestation of unique attributes of the destination, providing added value and reaffirming the local character and authenticity of the experiences offered.

Sustainable profitability

The methodology of the Responsible Tourism Institute generates products that respect the natural and sociocultural environment of the destination. With the incorporation of criteria based on sustainability during its development, the Tourist Products created maximize the positive impacts on the destination and do not generate any kind of negative impact on the environment.

Local support

In addition to being based on the analysis of the differentiating characteristics of the destination, all the agents of the destination collaborate and participate during its development. In this way, the projects prepared have the support of the local community.

Why develop Tourist Products?

This service allows to have successful products designed to generate a positive impact on the destination and the tourism industry, without causing a negative impact on the environment, adding value and allowing a better positioning in the market.

To achieve this, its planning is coordinated within the destination’s strategy, considering the resources and attributes, detailing the opportunities, factors and systems in various market studies and through different methods of analysis such as the UNWTO FAS Model. It is an integral service, in which all interested parties are consulted and collaborated.

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