Barcelona Guide Bureau

We want to make Barcelona a better city for people to live in and a better city for people to visit. It is our responsibility both as citizens of Barcelona and a local tour operator.

With this aim we are the first world tour operator to meet Biosphere Responsible Tourism Standards and, in accordance with our Responsible Tourism Policy, we are actively working towards a sustainable development of tourism and looking after people, cultural heritage and the environment.


People are the fundamental core of our activity. We inspire and train our employees to help us provide high quality tourist services and implement best practices in sustainability.

We support social initiatives with the fundamental participation of our team. We have a microgrant group and each year we choose the NGO we want to support. We organize specific events such as walking tours to support the Marató TV3; in 2013 we collected 2000 € for research in neurodegenerative diseases.


We are patrons of Santa Maria del Pi and give support and promote its crowdfunding project. The project is financing the basilica’s restoration works with the entrance fees of this beautiful gothic 14th century basilica.


We promote local sustainable shops and restaurants. From a centenary cafe, to a Slow Food farm-to-table restaurant or clothing designed and made in Barcelona. You can find some shops, services and ecological products in Barcelona's ECO-map.


We use a whisper radio-guide system for our group tours. Radio-guides ensure everyone can hear the guide perfectly while protects neighbours and passersby reducing noise pollution.

To reduce emissions from transport we are using low emission vehicles: our Daily Tours Bus uses a Euro 5 engine and we prioritize hybrid taxis. Public transport can be easy and comfortable: we travel by the AVE high-speed train for the Dalí Museum & Girona Tour.

We recycle. Our brochures are made of 100% recycled paper, certified by FSC Forest Stewardship Council. We provide a bin to recycle plastic bottles and cans in the Daily Tours Bus.


We are the world’s first tour operator to meet Biosphere Responsible Tourism Standards. The label certifies tourism businesses and destinations that are committed to the sustainable development of tourism. The organism that promotes Biosphere is the Institute of Responsible Tourism, internationally recognised by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.

We are members of Barcelona Sustainable Tourism to help promote sustainable and responsible tourism in the city. Barcelona is the first city in the world to become Biosphere World Class Destination.

Barcelona Guide Bureau - Biosphere Responsible Tourism
Barcelona Guide Bureau - Biosphere Responsible Tourism
Barcelona Guide Bureau - Biosphere Responsible Tourism