Land of Pedro Álvares Cabral, located in the Cova da Beira and with a wide view on the eastern slope of Serra da Estrela, the village of Belmonte fully justifies the characteristics that have given it its name. Tradition says that the name Belmonte comes from the place where the Village stands (beautiful hill or beautiful hill). Terra solarenga, good people, endless landscapes and a history of centuries.

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Certificate number: BDT 005/2018 RTI

About Belmonte

The human presence in the present county of Belmonte has been proven from the earliest times. The Anta de Caria, the Castros de Caria and the Chandeirinha certify the longevity of fixation in pre and protohistory. The Roman presence is also evident by the testimonies of Torre Centum Cellas or Villa da Quinta da Fórnea, points of passage of the road that linked Merida to Guarda.


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