Bom Bom Resort - Príncipe Island

In 2013 Bom Bom Resort was the first hotel in Africa receiving the certification as a Biosphere Responsible Hotel.

Principe Island, a World Biosphere Reserve.  On the 12nd July of 2012, Principe island was classified as a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve in the development of the program named Man and the Biosphere (MAB - Man and Biosphere).

Príncipe integrated the global Network of Biosphere Reserve locations and working as natural laboratories and privileged to test different models of sustainable growth where human activity and the preservation of biodiversity are gathered.

Among our other projects and best practices in sustainability, we like to highlight:

Project: "Water & Recycling". The aim was to provide drinking water to the population, recycle plastic waste and promote the reuse of packaging. This was one of the first projects promoted by the Biosphere Reserve; with the support of UNESCO, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment and HBD. In the hotel we offer bags with the claim "Keep the plastic and carry on" inviting our guests to collect plastic from the beaches. 

Reducing the use of plastic, raising awareness about waste reduction and recycling, making drinking water available and contributing generally to the environmental education of inhabitants and visitors of the Island of Príncipe are the objectives of the Water and Recycling project, launched in December 2013 by the Príncipe Island World Biosphere Reserve.

The idea is simple and based on the exchange of 50 plastic bottles for one reusable stainless steel bottle, called a “Biosphere Bottle”, which can be filled up at drinking water fountains. So far 13 fountains have been installed and more than 220,000 plastic bottles have been collected. 



Workshop “A certificação Biosphere – Turismo Responsável, pelo ITR”

“A certificação Biosphere – Turismo Responsável, pelo ITR” Workshop. Ilha do Príncipe

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