Walking tours, bike rides, horseback riding tours, camping, rural workshops (art & local cuisine), environmental volunteering, bird watching in the Sierra de Santa Rosa in Guanajuato.

  • Active and Adventure Tourism
  • Mexico


Certificate number: BEX 003/2017 RTI

About Cacomixtle

We are a family moved by the beauty around us and by the history of the region; we would like to truly share Guanajuato with visitors, especially the parts not commonly known.

The activities that we have always loved to do are nature and culture tourism. Our natural curiosity has led us to continually explore aspects of Mexican life be it its landscapes, its history, it people, its customs, its culture, its sports, its life! Through the years we have rediscovered many beautiful places, sites that can be enjoyed while out for a stroll, on a bike, or by car, such as those ancient mining paths of the Sierra de Santa Rosa.

Cacomixtle is a small mammal native to the region about the size of a cat. However, its body is thicker, legs are shorter, ringed tail, fierce aspect and wild. Its habitat was forests of pine-oak like those of the forests of Sierra de Santa Rosa.