Casa do Castelo

On the slope of the Belmonte Castle, protected by the memory of Cabral an old alembic of great cultural and aesthetic value, it is transformed into the most charming house of the Cova da Beira.
The Casa do Castelo is a restaurant in Belmonte, located in the center of the town with a privileged view of the castle where he went to find the name.
The building was an old wine press and the modern and bold decoration transformed this house into the center of attention of the many tourists that visit the region.


Certificate number: BRE 004/2019 RTI

About Casa do Castelo

From the careful environment to the majestic landscape that surrounds the Zêzere valley and the highest mountain in mainland Portugal, sit and breathe the calm and beauty of the heart of the country that inside this house becomes more alive. A strong pulsar that does not extinguish itself nor it looks in the brilliant past that felt but that finds life in a future of great quality, worthy to visit and to enjoy.