Castelo Mendo

Village of characteristics predominantly medieval, constituted by two walled nuclei, the Citadel and Barbacã. The citadel of oval format corresponds to the old borough, formed after the charter of D. Sancho II. The new borough or Arrabalde of St. Peter protected by a Dionysian wall, was in the past garrisoned by eight towers, partially destroyed with the earthquake of 1755.

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Certificate number: BDT 005/2018 RTI

About Castelo Mendo

This predominantly medieval village is divided into two walled sections, the Citadel and Barbican. The oval citadel is the old town, which grew up after a charter from King Sancho II. The new town, or Arrabalde de S. Pedro, is protected by a Dionysian wall that once boasted eight towers. They were partially destroyed by the 1755 earthquake. It still has its five gates, however (Vila, Guarda, Sol, Traição and D. Sancho gates). Castelo Mendo's charter granted and regulated the first free fair in Portugal. It was held three times a year, at Easter, the feast of St. John the Baptist and feast of St. Michael and lasted eight days.


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