City Express Manzanillo

City Express Manzanillo, a hotel with quick access to the beach and the center of the city, is located just a few minutes from the coastal seafront.

If you visit the city for work reasons but you are looking for a place to relax after an intense day, this hotel is ideal as it not only has a view of the sea, where you can enjoy an amazing sunset and relax in the pool.

Do you have time to go downtown? Be sure to visit the monument to Sebastian's Sailfish in the Obregón Garden. Then head to Mexico Avenue where you can visit many typical craft shops in the area.

Go to the Miramar Beach of approximately 3 kilometers and calm waves where you can relax without worry or the Boquita Beach, in the residential area of ​​Santiago.

If you prefer a more active beach where surfing go to Cuyutlan. Although it is several kilometers from Manzanillo it is a place known worldwide by fans of this sport and it is definitely worth visiting if you are a surf lover.