City Express Plus Patio Universidad

City Express Plus Patio Universidad, located inside the shopping center of the same name, is the ideal hotel for both the business traveler and the tourist who wants to explore the South of the Federal District.

One kilometer from the City Express is the Xoco General Hospital, which makes it the most convenient hotel if you visit the city for medical reasons. Also within walking distance are the faculties of the UNAM and the Ceneval offices, as well as the corporate offices of many companies.

If you have time to visit, you can not miss the Coyoacán center, which is very close to the City Express Patio Universidad. Coyoacán is an area rich in the history of Mexico. While walking, be sure to visit the Franciscan church of San Juan Bautista, the Jesus Reyes Eroles Cultural House, or the Diego Rivera Anahuacalli Museum. If it's hot, cool off with an ice cream from Siberia or sit down to eat at one of the famous restaurants serving traditional Mexican food such as Las Lupitas and El Convento. If you're looking to disconnect, take a walk through the nurseries of Coyoacán, an incredible national park in the middle of the city.