We are a Barcelona-based tour operator specialised in eco-retreats for companies of all sizes. We will offer a tailor-made experience to assure your employees will feel a deep connection with nature to recharge their battery.
We provide a full travel package: from transportation to eco-accommodation, bird-watching, collecting mushrooms in the woods or cleaning the beautiful beaches of Costa Brava.

  • Tour Operator
  • Spain


Certificate number: BTO 001/2021 RTI

About ecoRetreat

Always accompanied by sustainable thinking, we work daily to make a difference in the world, not only for the companies we are working with, but also for the local economy, the people involved and the environment we operate in. As an essential part of the tourism industry we believe that we are in a very good position to stimulate and promote green thinking in order to overcome tourism issues.

Therefore, our work retreats encourage deep connections between work and the nature. We think that working and relaxing close to the nature, will not only enhance productivity, team spirit and motivation for the employees, but can also sustain the environment, the economy and the local communities. In order to achieve that, ecoRetreat works closely with eco-accommodations and natural parks in northern Catalunya such as fosters cooperation’s with sustainable projects in the regions.

ecoRetreat sends you to the perfect work retreat, where you and your colleagues have the chance to contribute to the sustainable development of the Catalonian region. We are persuaded that the product we offer assists in protecting the environment and generating value for the local communities and with your eco-retreat we invite you to be part of it!


Sant Cugat del Vallès