Located on the shores of the Cantabrian Sea, as the Bay of Biscay is known locally, Gijón is the largest city in Asturias with a population of 274,000 inhabitants. Situated on the coastal branch of the Pilgrims’ Road to Santiago and the northernmost boundary of the Via de la Plata Route, its more than 2,500 years of history constitute one of its main attractions.

A city open to the sea, it boasts two marinas and ten beaches suitable for the practice of different nautical sports. A stopover for cruise vessels, the port of El Musel, located on the west side of town, is also the destination of the ferry covering the Saint Nazaire-Gijón route.

The range of tourist resources on offer, possibly led by Laboral City of Culture and the network of municipal museums, the Botanical Garden, Gijón Aquarium and Talasoponiente, is complemented by a choice of accommodation and restaurants for all tastes and pockets.

The variety of activities throughout the year makes it an ideal destination for all types of visitors: families, couples, groups of friends and business tourism. Equipped with all the amenities of a city as well as a wide range of cultural, gastronomic and sporting events and activities, Gijón also boasts an enviable “green” perimeter, formed by the 25 rural parishes that make up over 90% of the borough. Greenways, picnic restaurants, nature areas… all just five minutes from the city centre.

What's more, Gijón is a splendid base camp for exploring the rest of Asturias and all its natural and cultural riches.

All this makes Gijón a city with its own personality, where life is to be experienced in the street, a destination that blends history with irresistible flavours and shared laughter, fun with culture, magic with a seafaring tradition, incredible views with passionate debates, and gastronomic events with gatherings of international and national relevance.

GIJÓN is committed to responsible tourism. Are you? Will you help us take care of our little zesty paradise?

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gijon sostenible
gijon sostenible

Adhesion to Commitment of the Destination

In order to increase the positive effect of tourism on the 17 UN SDG, the Responsible Tourism Institute creates the "Adhesion to the Commitment of the Destination". This process is the first step towards the sustainability that a tourist entity or company can adopt. Tourism sustainability is a path, let us do it together. ADHERE TO THE COMMITMENT OF THE DESTINATION #nombre_entidad#


Certified entities in the destination


Gijón / Xixón: Sustainable Tourist Destination for everyone

Gijón / Xixón works hand with hand with PREDIF (State Representative Platform for Physically Disabled) developing the "Tourism Accessibility Program for Gijon / Xixón"

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Gijon, new Biosphere City

Gijón is certified as a Sustainable City with the BIOSPHERE DESTINATION certification.

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