Gran Hotel Atlantis Bahía Real

The balance between nature and society is the means to a sustainable hotel, according to these criteria Gran Hotel Atlantis Bahía Real works for a responsible and respectable environment and society committed to a heritage for the future.

 The managers of the different Gran Hotel Atlantis Bahia Real areas train their staff and raise conscience on this matter and on their responsibilities within the Integrated Management System.

The hotel usually works with local suppliers, when making purchases and procurement, as well as opts for bulk containers and returnable packaging.

The hotel promotes the engagement of local personnel.

The hotel has a commitment with the internal and external clients, promoting a responsible attitude towards energy and water saving, noise and other pollution prevention, as well as an appropriate management of waste, guaranteeing the fulfilment of the corresponding legal regulations and applicable laws.

Minimize the environmental magnitude and impact of its activity, relying on the awareness of trained personnel and clients.

Documents on this issue shall be written, updated and handed over to all the hotel staff members.

Involve all the staff members, providers, outsourcers and clients in the continuous improvement of all sustainable (social, cultural, economic and environmental) areas, pollution prevention efforts and research of new biodegradable products.

These are some of the criteria and values ​​with which the Gran Hotel Atlantis Bahía Real works.




Atlantis Bahía Real involves customers in the energy saving plan

Small establishments and large hotels agree to apply and implement responsible measures to the environment which, in turn, lower the energy bill

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