Hacienda El Santuario Hotel Boutique

Hotel Hacienda el Santuario:

Located in an old and beautiful house in the heart of San Miguel de Allende, the Hacienda el Santuario is a boutique hotel that celebrates its 18 years of existence as a hotel in which it has stood out for its remarkable growth, from facilities, rooms, staff and Also in the growth of its number of services and the quality of its service that has been reflected in the level of satisfaction of the guests who visit it and even decide to visit it again.

The Haciendo el Santuario's boutique hotel was born from the idea of ​​being able to offer visitors of San Miguel de Allende the opportunity to experience a unique lodging service. Thanks to the house where the hotel offers the service you can have the opportunity to relive an experience in the past just as our grandparents and others did. A mansion which does not know the exact date of antiquity, but at the main entrance to the hotel adorns a date on the stone quarry dating from 1571, only 29 years after the city of San Miguel was founded, is Saying it is almost as old as the city where it resides. Casona which since then has had the least modification in its structure making it a very original and authentic house, that is why the house is part of the national program "Treasures of Mexico" that distinguishes the hotel for its colonial structure as well Preserved.

The hotel is characterized by its incredible quality in the service, by the opening of its collaborators to always offer an excellent treatment to the guests and visitors of the hotel and by always look for the way to surpass and to be better day to day in order to be Better people and thus provide a much more personalized service. Being a boutique hotel one of the main characteristics is that it is a small place, characteristic which gives the employees the opportunity to provide a much more personal and unique service with which the guests leave with an excellent taste of the mouth and With much desire to return.