Herdade da Cortesia

We came here to row and eventually brought in American architects, consultants and auditors.

We joined the town of Avis and arrived Danish, Norwegian, Dutch and New Zealand ... and some after passing through here, to be Olympic champions.

The trees were all standing, we only added a few more. Al Andaluz, the ass, we have ourselves to another friend, the Catalan.

Partridges, hares and mongooses did not flee, the boars will appear.

We are pleased to welcome you in Alentejo that we embrace and we want to share it with you.




Certificate number: BH 010/2019 RTI

About Herdade da Cortesia

For those who want to get the Homestead options they go from heaven to water. You can book a balloon ride, a tour of the car, a lesson inflection and share with countless Olympic rowing champions, regular customers of the dam's waters. The Homestead offers a beautiful boat or canoe all day, which you can see the fish kites and the stork nests.