Hotel Cala Jóncols


Certificate number: BHO 003/2021 RTI

About Hotel Cala Jóncols

An old buiding fitting in to the lanscape, surrounded by pine trees, olive groves and all services to be able to enjoy nautre. It is in Joncols, where it is a luxury to be able to live in permanent contact wih out doors, to feel the salt on ones skin. Only 14 kilometres from the noise and urban life, an establishment with authentic scents.
Yes, a hotel, to satisfy the eternal quest, to gain lost time......
Close the window, you will feel how the sound of the sea waves is filtered. This happens only 34 times each day. Thirty-one rooms thaht break the usual massification. If you prefer asuite, you will touch both the sky and the pebbles of the beach. Sea suite, white and minimalist architecture.
Home cooking and from home grown, without cheating or deceiving. Season cooking, from the allotment, the farmyard, the sea. Each product from the appropriate season. Each dish is a universe. The distribution of the tables under trees in their natural state and appetite.
A 100% different experience.