Hotel Villa Aljustrel

Since its opening in 2014, Villa Aljustrel has positioned itself as a hotel unit of excellence. From the first moment, we intend to raise the bar of tourism in the Alentejo offering our guests a quality stay, unlike other hotel units of the interior Alentejo, which in many cases do not do justice to a region so culturally rich and so full of content.

Modern and focused on well-being, Villa Aljustrel was thought in detail. It has strong industrial influences in its design and decoration that come from the mining activity, so characteristic of Aljustrel. To complement our offer, you will have at our disposal our restaurant, Oil Thread. You can try wonderful dishes, typical of Alentejo cuisine, increasingly recognized as a gastronomic reference worldwide.


Certificate number: BH 028/2018 RTI

About Hotel Villa Aljustrel

A Villa Aljustrel is a modern hotel, in the heart of the Villa de Aljustrel, which is distinguished by its dedicated collaborators, by the welcoming and personalized service, where customers feel at home, happy and where we want them to wish to return.