Isatour Ecotourism

Isatour Ecotourism was born in 2013 as a brand and company to respond to a great personal passion for two of the characteristic elements of Serra do Caramulo, granite and wood.
With this goal it develops products, differentiating tourist experiences in the Viseu Dão-Lafões region, in particular in Adsamo, Vouzela.

  • Holiday Rental
  • Portugal


Certificate number: BHR 031/2019 RTI

About Isatour Ecotourism

Isatour Ecotourism is a company with tourism activity.

Tourist tours with Guide
Minimum 5 people / price on request
Picnic Offer

Nature Trails
Douro Route Secret of the Mills
Tower of the Towers
Wind Adventure
Gastronomic Sin
Others on request

Walking routes

It has a wide range of very inviting walking trails, however some of these are temporarily disabled for safety reasons related to the fire of October 2017.

Nature sport
Block Climbing
Vouzela MTB
Dão Ecopista

Natural patrimony
NATURA Network: Cambarinho Nature Reserve
Vouga-Caramulo Natural Park
Penoita Forest
Lapa da Meruje Dam
Serra do Caramulo Wind Farm
Nossa Senhora do Castelo

Cultural and Architectural Heritage

Way of St. James Caramulo Vouga Valley
Parish Church of Vouzela
Caramulo Museum
Vouzela Museum
Spotted Dolmen of Cambarinho
Lapa da Meruje Dolmen
Barca Sink
Bico dos Conqueiros
Medieval tower of Cambra
Vilharigues Medieval Tower
Medieval Tower of Artichoke