Passion, commitment, vision and more than 40 years of experience serving tour operators and travel agencies around the world: this is what places Jumbo Tours Group among the international leaders of DMCs with their own bedbank.

We are present in the main tourist destinations on 3 continents with more than 30 offices (spread over Spain, Italy, France, Morocco, Portugal, Tunisia, Cape Verde, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Cuba) and more than 500 highly qualified and specialized professionals and - above all - guided by their passion for the pursuit of excellence.

At Jumbo Tours Group we have our own technology, an advanced API that allows access to more than 120,000 hotels, connect with the most significant Channel Managers and provide a direct connection to the main distribution platforms, with more than 550 million daily inquiries and times. unbeatable response.

Focused on the future and constantly evolving, we adapt to the needs and trends of the market, dedicating ourselves to the sale of multiple products, including hotels, transfers and excursions.

A deep knowledge of the destinations together with a close collaboration with the best local suppliers, allow us to make available to travel agents everything they need to make that unique and perfect experience that every traveler longs for.

And as an unforeseen event can always happen, we put our team of professionals at your service and a specialized support area at your disposal 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This way you can solve any problem or doubt before, during and after the trip.

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Certificate number: BTO 003/2021 RTI


Your strongest travel distribution partner

Passion, commitment, vision and years of experience providing a high-quality service to Tour Operators and travel agencies around the world

Our team

More than 500 highly qualified professionals committed to ensuring your success.

Based in the main tourist destinations throughout the world and with offices in Spain, Italy, France, Morocco, Portugal, Tunisia, Cape Verde, Tanzania, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Cuba. Each with its own team of professionals specialized in each destination.

Destination specialist with the best technology applied to distribution

A leading group, committed to continuous development


Our brands

Jumbo Tours, one of the world’s leading international touristic operators, offers a wide range of services and products at destinations for tour operators and travel agencies worldwide.

With over 40 years’ experience in the tourism industry and a profound knowledge of all the destinations in which it operates, its teams are thoroughly prepared and ready to guarantee the perfect customer experience.

A team of more than 500 professionals oversees and ensures the high-quality standards our clients expect from us. Our commitment to your success, as well as our advanced technology and the trust our clients place in us, allow us to serve more than 2,400,000 clients a year and represent some of the most important companies and tour operators within the international sector.


Jumbo Tours Group has its own technology, an advanced API that allows you to access more than 120,000 hotels, multi-tariff, identify the client’s nationality and sales channel used, connect to the most significant Channel Managers as well as providing a direct connection to the main distribution platforms, with more than 400 million queries per day and unbeatable response times

While a new and more efficient technology was being pursued to meet customer needs, Jumbo Tours Group went ahead and created its own tools.
That is why it can now boast constantly evolving features in response to current market needs and trends, working on multi-product sales, including hotel, transfer and day trips. We have over 15,000 contracts to send to our clients, as well as pricing indexes which allow millions of price combinations.
As for the volume of transactions, more than 10 million are carried out with Channel Managers and more than 300 million queries to suppliers through management systems that guarantee our level of service. Among them, JumboForce, an integrated CRM/SRM system for business processes that guarantees communication and customer service to both customers and suppliers; and Incoming Jumbotours, the management system for operations and administration currently undergoing a complete redesign and upgrading process for back-office operations, including automated billing and payment systems.

Our management

Our management team is characterised by its strong leadership skills, in-depth knowledge and understanding of the sector, as well as its passion for the pursuit of excellence.

Focused always on the future, each member of our management team brings a set of values, ideas and valuable leadership experience to our collaborators and clients. Learning and growing together is the key to our business and what ensures our mutual success.