La Magia Del Cubo

Casco de la Hacienda of the Cube owned by the Count of Berrios
The Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
The great canal that is born in the spring of the water eye
Constructions that are part of the hacienda (ring, inn, neighborhood doors)
Cueva del Indio and long

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Certificate number: BEX 004/2017 RTI

About La Magia Del Cubo

San Andrés del Cubo, is a community belonging to the Municipality of San Felipe Guanajuato, is located to the North of Guanajuato and to scarcely 6 km of the municipal head, has approximately 1200 inhabitants, is to 2073 meters on the level of the sea and located in the Central Mesa, with a temperate semidesert climate.

The Magic of the Cube is its attractions, old constructions from the sixteenth to the seventeenth century as the hull of the hacienda, which had a strong relationship with that of Jaral de Berrio, although it has undergone several modifications still keeps evidence of the wealth with which the landlords lived And a great eco-tourist treasure in the hill of the picacho place of the seven caves from the Cave of Indians to the Cave Longa with petroglyphs and pictograms sign that left us the Chichimeca Nation.

This farm, livestock and grain producer, has a series of rancherías of indigenous and mestizo origin, located in valleys and pastures that divide the mountainous portion of the Cube, in addition it has a great extension of cultivated lands and in its bottom the sierra more Beautiful of San Felipe "the mountain range of the Cube".

We remember that the greatest riches of a town are its roots, its people, customs, gastronomy, its myths and legends, traditions, as well as its historical monuments, this is what makes up "The Magic of the Cube"