La Palma is the northernmost Canary Island and it belongs to the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. It stretches over 708 square kilometres and it has a population of more than 85,000 citizens. Split up in 14 municipalities, it offers a wide scenic and climatic diversity. Rough, beautiful, high, surprising, marvellous, spectacular…could easily be some of the adjectives which could justify its nickname: “pretty island”.


The extraordinary natural beauties of La Palma make it an island full of surprises. The scenery is one of its chief natural resources, and demonstrates the island’s environmental health.
The astonishing landscapes and indigenous flora and fauna species inspire visitors to explore every corner of this spectacular island. And its well cared for environment makes a perfect backdrop to enjoy outdoor activities, in contact with nature.

La Palma is a real paradise for walkers.   Its vast network of hiking paths invites you to discover scenery of outstanding natural beauty, painted by lush vegetation and an intense light.  Here you will find everything from easy strolls through colourful landscapes, to challenging hikes up the wild peaks of Bejenado and Birigoyo. And a trip to La Caldera de Taburiente or the springs at Marcos y Corderos makes you appreciate the miracle of water.


La Palma has many popular beaches, offering all kinds of leisure and entertainment services. It also has plenty of almost deserted beaches where you can enjoy wonderful solitude and tranquillity. While La Palma isn’t primarily a sun and sand resort, it has several outstanding beaches, with pristine sand and crystal-clear waters, along with untouched scenery and imposing cliffs. During your stay on the island you will see for yourself the mildness of its weather and the volcanic origin of the fine, black sand beaches. The largest ones are Puerto de Naos, Charco Verde, in Los Llanos de Aridane; Los Guirres or El Volcán, in Tazacorte; la Zamora, in Fuencaliente; Los Cancajos, in Breña Baja and Nogales, in Puntallana.

From the coastline up to 200m above sea level, temperatures do not vary significantly during the year, and the average temperature is 20ºC, which means very nice weather in winter and in summer. You will enjoy the peace the Isla Bonita offers, and bathing in the blue sea of the Atlantic Ocean will be one of the most pleasant moments of your holiday. Although, due to its natural beauty, the island is mostly promoted as an active leisure destination, it’s good to remember that the sun shines on La Palma almost the whole year around. This makes it into a distinctive holiday destination where sunbathing and relaxing on any of its beaches means discovering a miniature continent with it’s own extraordinary identity, full of contrasts.