La Santurrona

At Santurrona GastroPub we want our customers to integrate with the space since in every detail they can find an element of Mexican identity, either in cardboard dolls, tin-leaf strollers or fighters. Through our decoration, the Foreigner will know the elements that give us pride, those that we grew up with, those that formed memories of our childhood and that we are always willing to share with others.

Not only are we proud of our decoration, we are also of the product and service we offer, we made the ordinary memorable, seeking to boost the local economy by offering and consuming products of the region


Certificate number: BR 002/2017 RTI

About La Santurrona

Santurrona GastroPub offers a small menu of foods, emphasizing its elaboration based on fresh, regional and first quality products


We have our own cocktails based on mezcales and tequila and fruit produced nationally, guaranteeing their origin and quality


We love what we do ... and it shows