The province of León has an important tourist offer:

From the famous Médulas to the Cuevas de Valporquero through an impressive range of architectural heritage and in the area of Tierra de Campos and Sahagún or the town of Astorga.

Leon consists of regions with very noticeable differences that increases their wealth as far as travel and tourism is concerned.

We can visit the National Park of Picos de Europa, enjoy the Camino de Santiago, which has in the province of Leon its longest journey or make a tour of the regions of the Bernesga, Torío, Porma or Curueño rivers that, along with Laciana, Babia and Los Ancares, are part of the network of Biosphere Reserves of Spain.

The proximity of 4 major ski resorts in northern Spain like San Isidro, Leitariegos, Fuentes de Invierno and Valgrande-Pajares make Leon the best choice for rural tourism and snow.

León also has cities with its own entity and full of activities such as León City, Astorga and Ponferrada where a wide range of hotels and apartments make worth it a visit on vacation.

On the other hand, we have the Leonese gastronomy, known for its highest quality, which include several products specially recognized with the designation of origin.


leon sustainable tourism
leon sustainable tourism
leon sustainable tourism
  • Type of entity: Destination
  • Certificate number: BDT 002/2018 RTI
  • Country: Spain
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Adherence to Commitment of the Destination

In order to increase the positive effect of tourism on the 17 UN SDG, the Responsible Tourism Institute creates the "Adherence to the Commitment of the Destination", a free process open to all. The commitment process is the first step towards the sustainability undertaken by a tourist entity or company. Tourism sustainability is a path, let us do it together. ADHERE TO THE COMMITMENT OF THE DESTINATION



Leon, in the process of obtaining the certificate of sustainable tourism Biosphere Destination

After presenting its most important tourism assets and its commitment to sustainability at the World Summit for Sustainable Tourism on 27 November, the Province of Leon has decided to begin the certification process to become a Biosphere Destination

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