Loro Parque

On the sides of the Teide, World Heritage, stands up Loro Parque, one of the most fascinating wildlife sites worldwide, that with 42 years of existence continues surprising its visitors as the best zoo in Europe and the 2nd in the world in 2015 for the second time in a row, according to Trip Advisor, converting it into a “must” visit on the Canary Islands.

Forty two years after it opened its doors for the first time, Loro Parque bets more strongly than ever on showing the beauty of diversity in all its exhibits, which were made with a big love for each detail. In this sense and under a captivating message of conservation, each animal presentation offers to the visitors a unique opportunity to travel around the world and discover different animals from all ecosystems, like parrots, penguins, dolphins, gorillas, sea lions, tigers, chimpanzees, 6 majestic orcas and many more.

In 1994, Loro Parque created Loro Parque Fundación that to-date has implemented 96 projects in 5 continents. Loro Parque covers 100% of the operating expenses.

The most recent installation of Loro Parque is Animal Embassy, an educational zone that has been developed in accordance with our uncompromised commitment for protection of nature and promotion of responsible tourism. In it you can see the animal care facilities open to the public, such as clinical, laboratory, the baby station and the Max Planck research institute. In the educational area Loro Parque and Loro Parque Foundation unite with the aim of raising awareness among visitors of the importance of respect for the environment and the animals that inhabit our planet and show how it can contribute to these significant causes.

As part of its commitment to the environment, Loro Parque firmly commits to renewable and clean energy. And in order to contribute to the development of sustainable tourism in Tenerife, it has a system of water purification and desalination, as well as 5 eco points distributed around the park. It has also created its own photovoltaic plant located in southern Tenerife.

The hallmark of Loro Parque is the quality of its infrastructure, as well as the seriousness and the environmental commitment that has developed every space and detail of the park.

loro parque
loro parque
loro parque