MARAEY Rio de Janeiro

MARAEY is a mixed-use development covering 844 hectares along 8.5 km of oceanic coastline, only 45 km away from Rio de Janeiro. With a building footprint of 6.6%, including the creation of the second largest Private Natural Heritage Reserve in the State, it is conceived according to the highest quality, design and energy efficiency standards to be surrounded by extensive leisure areas and provide the very best health, education, sport and entertainment services.
MARAEY’s mission is to become a worldwide benchmark for Comprehensive Sustainability and the main tourist and residential destination in Brazil.


Certificate number: BDT 001/2021 RTI

About MARAEY Rio de Janeiro

MARAEY Rio de Janeiro is a tourist and residential project in Maricá, in the state of Rio de Janeiro. It´s located in a unique environment, surrounded by water in 99.96%, bordering the north with Lagoa de Maricá (17 km² in length and 12 km of lagoon shores) and, to the south, with 8.5 km of pristine beaches in the Atlantic Ocean. A development with to innovation, creativity, changeability, transformation and new technologies, than in addition intends to boost the economic and social aspects of the region.

A project carried out within the framework of an Integral Sustainability Program resting on three key pillars of Sustainable Development:

  • Environmental: by ensuring a total preserved area equal to 81% of the territory where only 6.6% of the whole project is intended for construction; establishing the second largest RPPN (Private Natural Heritage Reserve) of Restinga in the State of Rio de Janeiro, of 437 ha; and creating a Research Center for preservation of flora and fauna, in collaboration with some Universities in Brazil, such as UFRJ, UFF, UFRRJ and UFES.
  •  Economic: generating employment, boosting financial growth and promoting a sustainable tourist destination.
  •  Social: through commitment to training, implementing the development of local communities, and the preservation of cultural heritage of the region.


MARAEY commitment: Fulfilling the SDGs

Maraey is focused on driving the SDGs throughout specific actions such as:

  • Plan of development for the Fishing Village and local communities
  • Construction of the “House of the Traditional Fisherman”, rescue project for artisanal fishing culture
  • “Cultimar Project” for the recovery of native fish species.
  • Activities to promoting Ecotourism, Ecological Tourism and environmental education
  • Smart waste management
  • Implementation of tertiary type wastewater treatment systems
  • Use of low carbon footprint materials
  • Centralized monitoring of facilities
  • The achievement of  international environmental Certifications