Between mountains, plateaus and natural savannahs, Melgar is a natural paradise, full of experiences in all its streets and rural areas. The glaring sun combined with the contrast of its two climates, hot and cold, allow you to enjoy the unique environment of the tropical dry forest, located in the Magdalena River Valley. In Melgar, various recreational complexes offer educational and conservation activities for threatened native species such as the river otter (Lontra longicaudis), the white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus), the gray marmoset (Saguinus leucopus), the plains alligator (Crocodylus intermedius) and the condor of the Andes (Vultur gryphus).

Natural waterfalls with crystalline water and springs contrast with the colours of the earth and the green surroundings. Melgar, is the municipality of Colombia with open doors. In the cascadas de las mieles, la cajita and la golondrina it is possible to do go for canyoning adventures and enjoy the landscape of the tropical dry forest where approximately 180 birds species, 31 reptile species, 24 mammal species and 12 amphibian species have been identified.

The Sumapaz River is one of the main tributaries of the Magdalena River, coming from the Sumapaz Paramo, one of the largest paramos in the world. This river, which crosses canyons, valleys and mountains, provides great opportunities to enjoy nature tourism and go rafting.

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Certificate number: BDT 004/2021 RTI

About Melgar

Located in the middle of Colombia, you can find a natural, cosmopolitan destination with friendly people, known for its tourist product including sun, swimming pools, night recreation and adventure tourism. Melgar is a city whose doors are open to offering unforgettable experiences, which let you enjoy a great variety of thermal floors between mountain ranges and mountains, where you can appreciate diversity of waterfalls, flora, fauna and different productive chains of agrotourism with its broad offer of coffee, cocoa, heliconias, banana sandwiches and rock art.