Palau Moja. The Catalan Heritage House

Welcome to Palau Moja, The Catalan Heritage House, a place where you will be able to travel across Catalan history, discover genuine Catalan products, get informed about our activities, explore Catalan heritage and how it is related to the territory in a unique way, and also buy your ticket for visiting the main cultural and heritage related places of our country. We are waiting for you.

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Certificate number: BD 006/2017 RTI

About Palau Moja. The Catalan Heritage House

The Palau Moja is a unique space located in the heart of Barcelona with an attractive storytelling where the history, heritage and the territory of Catalonia interrelate for becoming attractive to visitors. In an original way, the place integrates the different resources and attractions of the territory – monuments, historical accounts, characters, crafts, food, natural areas, among many others – to transmit the power and uniqueness of Catalonia.

Furthermore, in the Palau Moja technology plays a key role. Visitors can browse the history of Catalan heritage through tablets and touch screens where you can find information ranging from our origins to the contemporary. In this way visitors will discover unknown corners that now will want to visit. Therefore, in the Palau we have a Tourist Information Office where you can get information and book a visit to those places that you will want to go to, either the great icons of Catalonia of specific interest sites.

Not only that, if the visitor wants to buy proximity products related to different periods of the history of Catalonia he or she may do so in the shop of the Palau, where you can find a wide range of products of all kinds related to crafts, history, food and wine, books, etc. related to Catalan culture.

There is even a gastronomic space where, in a relaxed atmosphere, you can taste dishes linked to Catalan cuisine with organic ingredients and Km 0 from the different appellations of origin in the country.