Pangatalan Island

Pangatalan Island is a small island located in Philippines, near Palawan island as its nearest neighbor.
Being part of a country with more than one thousand of islands, which reveal a broad variety of cultural and social diversity, Pangatalan Island has the purpose to promote sustainable development through ecosystem conservation and sustainable tourism.

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Certificate number: BHO 027/2019 RTI

About Pangatalan Island

Pangatalan Island is a private island, commiteted with ecossitem restauraution and conservation and where sustainable tourism refelcts our compromise with a better future.Considering the vulnerability of island's ecosystems and land occupation patterns in restricted areas and aware of the impacts of tourism on the environment, Pangatalan Island, through Sulubaaï Environmental Foundation, has made a commitment to work in order to develop its activities, in accordance with established principles of the World Charter for Sustainable Tourism+ 20 (2015), with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the Agenda 2030.