Parador Turístico Sangre de Cristo

Located in the Sangre de Cristo town, municipality of Guanajuato Capital, this incredible space of culture and gastronomy has unique experiences for its visitors at 2,500 meters above sea level. In it you can find from traditional toys to sacred crafts, snow and typical sweets, wine, tequila and mezcal guanajuatense.

  In addition, it has incredible museums such as:

The Museum of Mining that shows the important economic bonanza that Guanajuato had through its mining towns.
The Museum of "Momias Viajeras" which houses 36 enigmatic mummified bodies, each with its own personality.
The "Museum of Catrinas and Feast of Animas" dedicated to the celebration of day of the dead. In addition, it offers first-line services necessary for the rest and family entertainment of pilgrims and visitors in general.

  • Type of entity: Discover
  • Certificate number: BD 007/2017 RTI
  • Country: Mexico