Passus Liberi

We are a tour operator specializing in cultural routes through the state of Guanajuato, Mexico, which creates experiences through animated tours, using creative heritage interpretation strategies.

  • Tour Operator
  • Mexico


Certificate number: BTO 003/2019 RTI

About Passus Liberi


* Customized experiences
Designed for travelers who want to experience the surprises that the state of Guanajuato offers. We design the ideal thematic route according to various factors such as the profile of interest (culture, adventure, rural), the company (lonely, family, as a couple), the availability of time (a few hours, a day, a week). We will make the experience tailor-made for you to enjoy a personalized and unique trip.

* Executive experience
In response to the needs of companies and the business traveler, we have designed a series of products that will turn executive travel into an authentic pleasure experience. Below are some of our products:
- Human resources: Incentive trips and ideological reinforcement.
- Executive host guide service.
- Service for escorts / spouse care service
- Transfers from and to the airport

* School experience
With the conviction that through education we can build a better society and a more prosperous country, we develop tourism products with pedagogical impact:
- Pedagogical routes based on the curriculum: the extramural school
- Internship trip
- End of the year or graduation trip
- Tailor-made multidisciplinary workshops
- Trips as incentives or school recognition awards
- Recognition visits for teachers