Porta Azul Guest House

Porta Azul occupies a typical house of Porto’s bourgeoisie of the nineteenth century. It stands out for its bare stone walls covered with relief patterned tiles, where the colour and brightness of the sun’s reflection on the glaze of the tiles cheerfully combines with the dark and sombre tone of the granite. This style of house began to be built by the Portuguese returning from Brazil following the country’s independence in 1822, they came prepared to invest their fortunes and to socially assert themselves as part of the bourgeois elite. In the comfortable interior, of intelligent and sober luxury, the highlights are the stuccoed ceilings, the enhanced stained glass, the palatial layout of the house’s divisions and the central staircase illuminated by a magnificent skylight.

  • Holiday Rental
  • Portugal


Certificate number: BHR 010/2019 RTI

About Porta Azul Guest House

The Porta Azul has a magnificent Garden, complete with bar, terrace, spectacular sun exposure and is ideal for relaxing and pleasant moments. It’s one of our living rooms. We honour in the poem below the trees loaded with beautiful Camellias. In the comfortable interior, smart and sober luxury, stand out the high stucco ceilings, the stained glass windows, the palatial layout of the rooms and the central staircase which is illuminated by a magnificent skylight.