Proyecto Lavanda

Blue Lavender / The Lavender Project is a company that is dedicated to the cultivation, production, reproduction and marketing of lavender seedling, as well as the extraction of essential oil by applying the added value, thus obtaining a considerable line of products used for the body , soul and spirit.

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  • Mexico


Certificate number: BEX 001/2018 RTI

About Proyecto Lavanda

We are a rural Mexican farming enterprise whose main purpose is to create jobs, sustain our families and better our community via the development of sustainable, alternative agricultural processes, innovative products and responsible business practices.

The Lavender Project: A Social Enterprise Model

The case of The Lavender Project cooperative presents a business model of a typical social enterprise. Its multiple objectives seek both economic benefits for its business partners as well as social benefits for its cooperative constituents, employees and for the community-at-large, where the enterprise is located. This rural cooperative processes agricultural products into value-added finished goods to generate more income for its participating farmers, improve human capital, satisfy market needs of its target customers, create new jobs through expanded operations and, in general, to benefit the community, with spillover/ or ripple effects created by the new business venture.