Qalma is a Strategic Organization Consultancy that advances #CaminandoHacia2030Destino17ODS, composed of a human team capable of managing large-scale projects, always under the approach of Continuous Improvement and the Economic, Environmental and Social Sustainability of the environment where they are developed.

  • Other tourist services
  • Spain


Certificate number: BOS 006/2019 RTI


Qalma has, since its inception, an Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System that is an essential, differentiating and recognizable element of its own brand identity. It is currently the first Consulting company that has achieved Biosphere Certification in the downtown area, this also allows you to:

  • Greater knowledge of the context and environment in which it develops as an organization,
  • Analysis of the risks, needs and expectations of all interested parties,
  • Control of service delivery processes to ensure customer satisfaction and implement good practices in sustainability,
  • Knowledge of the legal requirements and application regulations,
  • Ability to plan and act on environmental, economic and social aspects and impacts,
  • Promotion and communication of respect for the economic, social, environmental and cultural heritage of the destination,

The Biosphere Certification means guiding our efforts towards the fulfillment of 17ODS within the framework of the commitment acquired by the UN, the UNWTO and the tourism sector.


Talavera de la Reina