Quinta da Bacelada

We are a Tourism Company in Rural Space oriented to Equestrian Tourism and Hunting Tourism located in the Rabaçal, Mêda.

We are inserted in an agricultural property of 34 hectares, in an environment full of traditions dating back to the 18th century.

We are an innovative and different company in the region, offering varied services including accommodation, equestrian practice, recovery of sports horses, organization of pedestrian or bicycle experiences, the organization of events, the creation of animals (about all horses), production and sale of agricultural products, organization of hunting and long training camp and fishing competitions.

  • Holiday Rental
  • Portugal


Certificate number: BHO 016/2019 RTI

About Quinta da Bacelada

The Casa del Redondo, located in Quinta da Bacelada, in Rabaçal, dates from the 18th century and was built by ancestors of the current family of the Sampaio and Melo.

Located in a region of rare landscape beauty and possessing a rich architectural and archaeological heritage, the Casa del Redondo is an excellent starting point to visit the region.