Restaurante los Mezquites Purísima de Chamacuero

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To take a glance at our facility where we offer: restaurant (Los Mezquites); venue for events, outdoors activities, and plenty of green spaces and native vegetation.


Certificate number: BR 005/2017 RTI

About Restaurante los Mezquites Purísima de Chamacuero

Los Mezquites is located in a rural environment near San Miguel Allende and Celaya in Guanajuato State, México.

Our facilities are surronded by native vegetation; wild animals roam freely and any day you can watch a lagre diversity of birds. Protection and conservation of natural habitat are one of the main objectives of Los Mezquites.

From the Terrace and Pérgola you have magnificient panoramic view of the valley and Comonfort city, located at 2km from Los Mezquites.

Our menu is plenty of traditional dishes of the Mexcian Cuisine, all prepared at the moment (slow food trend), with natural ingredients, some produced in our own farm. Mezquite grilled meat  is one of our specialities.

In contrast with other restaurants where you leave shortly after finishing your meals, in Los Mezquites our customers stay long after due to the peace, natural vegetation, ample space for playing with family, watching kids riding horses, and magificient view. It becomes a "desintoxication" of the stress from city and working environments. Good food, nice service and peaceful environment, are main ingredientes for relaxing and staying long hours after the meals. As some customers have expressed we are a "perfect recipe for relaxation of city and work stress, and enjoying a delicious dishes". For that reason once we fill our tables, do not accept "waiting list for a free table". We never push customers to leave their space for another patron. It is a place to enjoy and relax.

Los Mezqutes is family operated and allows us to chat freely with our customers; some verbatim coments expressed by them: "lovely place"; "quiet and peaceful atmosfere"; "delicious food"; "will return, but with friends"; "this is a paradise, thanks for sharing it"; when they notice that part of our family is serving them, they coment "that is the reason I never felt was a comercial restaurante, it is as having lunch at a friends house".

We have achieved one of our goals, to make the customer happy, at ease, and enjoying a healthy and delicious food.

We advise to make advance reservations, and for the moment we operate only from Friday thru Sunday.