Rioja Alavesa

La Rioja Alavesa is characterized by its small family wineries of the XVI century, whose main function has been to store and keep the wine in the right conditions and wich at certain moments of the History could be used as shelters where people could conspirate and plan war. It is also known for great avant-garde buildings, vineyards among which to stroll and monumental villages plenty of charm like Laguardia.

The region has an area of 316 km2 of red and privileged land for grape cultivation, whose vineyards dye the landscape of intense green in spring, and golden shades and reddish in autumn, granting us exceptional postcards every year. Unique landscapes of hills and meadows of endless vineyards, dotted with olive trees, dolmens, prehistoric remains, medieval villas with walled enclosures, manor houses, fruit crops, historic churches and countless wineries.

It is an area that, due to its moderate size, the short distances between the fifteen municipalities that make it up and its practical accesses, offers a good excuse to travel from sun to sunset some landscapes in which the wine culture is felt in any corner. The region is limited to the south by the river Ebro and to the North by the imposing ash-colored massif of the Sierra de Cantabria.

Specifically, we are talking about a relevant area of ​​wine tourism in Euskadi and Spain, given its geographic location, its climate and the composition of its soils, that make it known for the richness and quality of its wines. There is no wine lover who has not succumbed to the charms of this land plagued by wineries and beautiful localities. But this region is not only limited to wine tastings, but also to the crossing between vineyards, with bicycles or buggys, or to the visits to wineries like Marqués de Riscal.

In addition, it has an added value, either to enjoy architectural jewels, to move around the region comfortably in the enobus without worrying about the car, or to practice water sports such as canoeing on the Ebro, so in addition to wine tourism also it is ideal for any type of escape.




Rioja Alavesa is granted the 'Biosphere' certificate as a responsible and sustainable tourism destination

The Rioja Alavesa certification successfully culminates a path that began at the end of 2016 with the signing of the Letter of Commitment and Adhesion to Biosphere. The elaboration of a memory-diagnosis of the actors that directly or indirectly offer tourist services in the region and the design of an action plan aimed at fulfilling the requirements of the certification were the following steps.

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