The Golden Hotel Barcelona

The Golden Tulip Barcelona hotel is strategically located next to the Diagonal Avenue, CCIB and Glories Shopping Mall, perfectly connected to the main business and tourist activities of the city, making the hotel ideal for tourists as well as for professionals who require accommodation in Barcelona.

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Certificate number: BHO 001/2019 RTI

About The Golden Hotel Barcelona

The Golden Tulip Barcelona hotel offers 158 modern and comfortable rooms. Either with double beds, two beds (possibility of adding a third person), or connected rooms that have several technological devices and services to improve sustainability and a perfect sleep.

Our commitment to environmental sustainability is also palpable in the hotel's gastronomy with local, ecological, and fair trade products. We also offer special menus focused on highlighting the bioalimentary composition of the different products: vegetarian dishes, organic coffee, and osmotized water.

The hotel has the "A" certificate of maximum energy efficiency due to its greater thermal and acoustic isolation from the combination of polyurethane and mineral rock wool. The facade and stairs have a special treatment consisting of aphotocatalytic coat of paint that purifies the air and eliminates allergens. Moreover, the use of photovoltaic panels generates electricity, the lights turn on thanks to the use of led lights and the presence control detectors, and many more technological devices.

We installed special bins in the rooms, the corridors and bathrooms in common areas recycle the waste, the cleaning staff's troley has compartments to recycle the products removed from rooms. Plus, our cleaning products are eco-certified biodegradable and are made of ingredients of vegetable origin. We also have eco-friendly celluloce products and serve responsible food (eco and local products from local producers).

Plus, the hotel has a faucet with a flow limiter and a low-energy consumption system, reuse the water from showers in the toilets, and has a descaler equipment that does not require resins or chemicals.