Certificate number: BTO 004/2020 RTI


TRANSGLOBAL is a travel agency with almost 50 years of experience in the market that combines the respect of worldwide customers and suppliers with innovative travel programmes promoting a better world in both, social and environmental projects. Nowadays we are in the corporate travel market, setting up innovative events all around and heading back to the basics in leisure travel.
In addition to knowing first-hand practically all the destinations around the world, we guide and adapt all our knowledge to offer a unique product and full of proximity experiences whose benefits not only affect the personal growth of our travelers, but also in the economy of the places they visit, as well as in respect for the environment, culture and the societies that live there.
All our trip proposals are focused on feeling the true travel senses, and whether in a group or individually, corporate or leisure, we’ll contribute to a feeling close to “I can change the world by respecting it”.