Turismo Alternativo En Guanajuato

We are an operator focused on providing Nature Tourism services including Ecotourism, Adventure Tourism and Rural Tourism, including people living in the mining-rural communities where we arrive, this through several key products such as Mountain Biking , ATVs, Balloon flights, Rappel-Scheldt, Trekking, Horses, Off-road vehicles, Gotcha, as well as volatile services, have the capacity to offer resources for camps, group integration, travel plans, and generate commitment to the environment through Visa pumps, payment of carbon footprint, zero solid waste and development of inclusive tourism.

We analyze and evaluate the best options in terms of destinations and activities, appropriate for the size and characteristics of the group / client. Investigate and secure destinations and activities that fit the needs and desires of the group.  

We evaluate the return on investment so as to provide an alternative that fits the budget of the traveler and in this way present elements and unique aspects of the destination and create exclusive, unknown and privileged experiences.