Vouzela is a Municipality that stands out for its heritage, especially rich in natural, gastronomic and historical values. It is also a territory that is distinguished by people with an authentic ancestral culture. Set off on the adventure and discover the heart of Centro!

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Certificate number: BDT 007/2021 RTI

About Vouzela

Vouzela with an area of ​​193.7 km2 and consists of 9 parishes: Alcofra, Campia, Fornelo do Monte, Queirã, São Miguel do Mato, Ventosa, UF de Cambra and Carvalhal de Vermilhas, UF de Fataunços and Figueiredo das Donas and UF Vouzela and Paços de Vilharigues.

It is a mountainous territory, integrated in the Serra do Caramulo and marked by a great variation in altitude, between 150 m and 1043 m. Numerous streams of water cross it, creating deep valleys, with great landscape and environmental value.

The existence of extensive blots of oak and other native hardwoods is a hallmark of the county's forest and recently justified the creation of the Vouga-Caramulo Natural Park (Vouzela), the first with local management across the country.

To this potential is added a heritage rich in historical-archaeological, ethnographic and gastronomic values, which maintains its ancestral authenticity and transform Vouzela into a territory to be discovered.