Formerly known as San Pablo Yuririhapundaro. It is located in the southwest subregion III of the state of Guanajuato. In this city there also is an artificial lake that receives the name of "Laguna de Yuriria".


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About Yuriria

Enjoy your days at the convent, which looks more like a castle than a religious building, and the huge artificial lagoon that is presumed to be the first colonial water works in the Americas, which keeps diseases away and has supplied the town with water for centuries. Rest next to the people fishing and floating in boats across its crystalline surface, or ride a horse along its shores. Watch the sun as it sets behind another water body, Lake Crater, whose main call to fame is that its waters turn red every time there is an earthquake or volcanic eruption, otherwise just rest in the comfortable palapas (corn straw huts) on La Angostura island.