Macro Viagens

We are Diana and Igor and together we founded in 2017 Macro Viagens, a Responsible Tourism agency. We organize realistic, ethical, vegetarian and spiritually strong group travels for countries like India and Sri Lanka, always accompanied by us. They are author's travels, prepared as if they were for friends, with experiences different from the conventional, practice of meditation and contract with different spiritual traditions.

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Nº de certificado: BTO 004/2019 RTI

Sobre Macro Viagens

Macro Viagens is a specialist group travel agency for India and Sri Lanka. Travel where there is close contact with the local culture, with different religions and with the local populations, almost always outside the tourist circuits. The meals are local, traditional (spicy and spicy) and always vegetarian. All programs have a strong spiritual component, there is close proximity to different spiritual traditions and almost daily meditation sessions.

We offer group travel at prices that we consider fair, most all inclusive (including international flights and travel insurance), some not, but always with all the necessary investments communicated clearly so that there are no surprises.

In all the trips we organize, we are always very concerned about minimizing the negative impact of tourism at all levels. We want to contribute to sustainable, responsible and ethical tourism and we are committed to this mission. To further minimize our footprint and impact, we started in December 2018 a BIOSPHERE Responsible Tourism Certification program and have launched a "Best Practices for More Conscious Travelers" manual.

Macro Travel programs are culturally challenging and we like to believe that they can bring deeper benefits and even have great potential for inner transformation.